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Trademark Incontestability Filings

After your trademark has been registered for five years, your trademark is may be eligible to be granted trademark incontestability status which will add additional benefits to the benefits already granted to you by virtue of your federal registration. Upgrading your trademark to the trademark incontestability status makes your trademark stronger and more valuable -- especially when it comes to enforcing your trademarks against competitors.

Requirements For Incontestability Status

The key requirement for your trademark to be eligible for incontestability status is that your federally registered trademark has been in "continuous use" for five years from the date of registration. Furthermore, the trademark must remain in use at the time incontestability is claimed. 

What Are The Benefits Of An Incontestable Trademark?

A trademark which has gained incontestability status offers many benefits -- especially when it comes to trademark litigation and the enforcement of your trademark rights. When a trademark has gained incontestability status, the registration becomes conclusive evidence of:

  • The trademark owner's ownership in the trademark;

  • The trademark owner's exclusive right to use the trademark with the registered goods and services;

  • The registration of the trademark; and

  • The validity of the registered trademark.

Stated another way, when an owner of an incontestable trademark goes to enforce that trademark in a court of law against an infringer, the owner does not have to spend exhaustive time, money, or resources proving that the owner owns the mark and has exclusive rights in the mark. The registration is conclusive proof of this and it is taken as fact.


Thus, incontestability is a very powerful tool when it comes to enforcing your trademark and is a formidable deterrent to competitors who may decide to not use their preferred names and decide to change their names to simply because you have an incontestable trademark. 


As described above, an incontestable trademark may be a very powerful asset to any business venture. However, it should be noted that just because a trademark has incontestability status does not make it completely bullet proof. Furthermore, there are many nuances that play into the eligibility of a trademark to receive incontestability status. Our experienced trademark attorneys are ready to answer your questions and assist you with gaining incontestability status for your trademark and also in enforcing all of your trademark rights. Contact us today for assistance.

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