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Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys serving Bountiful, Utah

Sam IP's patent and trademark lawyers provide patent, trademark, and copyright services for clients in Bountiful, Utah as well as throughout Utah and all 50 states.

SAM IP Legal Solutions

Sam IP Legal Solutions serves local clients of Bountiful, Utah as well as clients throughout Utah and the United States. Sam IP is a unique legal team with attorneys having both STEM and business backgrounds combined to effectively serve clients in all of their intellectual property matters to further their business goals. We have clients ranging from large corporations to individuals and have represented small businesses, startup ventures, nonprofits, and religious organizations. Our intellectual property work extends to all areas of patent, trademark, and copyright law. We would love to assist you and your company in the protection, management, and enforcement of your intellectual property. Contact us to speak to an attorney about your intellectual property matter. Follow the links below for more information. 

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SAM IP Patent Attorneys

At Sam IP Legal Solutions, our experienced registered patent attorneys work one on one with inventors and companies in drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications. Our mission is to work with inventors such that their inventions receive the greatest degree of protection at an affordable price. We work with our clients, in their various situations, to come up with unique pricing plans, whether a flat fee service be established or an hourly rate, such that our patent services fit within your budget. We have represented a wide range of clients in patent matters from solo inventors and start-up companies to large and thriving companies. Follow the link below to learn more about the specifics of our patent services.  

Patent for a vehicle engine

Some of our patent work.

   Our Patent Services   

  • Patent Searches

  • Patentability Opinions

  • Patent Prosecution

  • Patent Utility Applications

  • Patent Design Applications

  • Patent Plant Applications

  • Patent Provisional Applications

  • Patent Divisional Applications

  • Patent Reexamination

  • Patent Portfolio Management

  • Patent Maintenance

  • Patent Infringement

  • Patent Litigation

  • Patent Infringement Analysis

  • Patent Validity Analysis

  • Patent Post Grant Proceedings

  • Patent Inter Partes Review

  • Patent Enforcement

  • Patent Cease and Desist Letters

  • International Patent Issues

  • Patent Licensing Agreements

  • Patent Assignment Agreements

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SAM IP Trademark Attorneys

At Sam IP Legal Solutions, our experienced trademark attorneys have helped numerous clients secure trademark registrations and also to enforce their trademark rights. It is important that a trademark application is drafted correctly so that it may be approved for registration and also used to enforce your trademark rights in protecting your company's goodwill. We have seen many cases where a trademark application was filed incorrectly and never went on to registration when it should have. Furthermore, an application completed incorrectly that has registered may be of little value when it comes to actually enforcing your trademark rights as it may be subject to cancellation or minimal protection. Our services include all aspects of trademark law and our trademark attorneys are happy to assist you in registering your trademark applications such that your trademarks may be invaluable to you and your company in building and protecting your brands. To learn more about our trademark services, follow the link below. 

Trademark, Herbothecary

Some of our trademark work.

Trademark Registration Flat Fee Service

Government Fees Included in Flat Fee*

What's Included:

STEP 1: Search and Consultation

  • Federal Trademark Search

  • State Trademark Search

  • Common Law Trademark Search

  • Trademark Attorney Consultation

STEP 2: Drafting and Filing

  • Drafting your Trademark Application

  • Filing your Trademark Application with the Trademark Office

STEP 3: Finishing Touches

  • Keeping you informed on the status of your trademark application

  • Responding to Non-Substantive Trademark Office Actions

  • Providing you with your Trademark Registration Certificate

*Government Fees included for one class of goods or services.

Call our Trademark Attorneys now to begin our flat fee trademark registration package.

(801) 753-9055

Flat Fee Service

   Our Trademark Services   

  • Trademark Search

  • Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Filings

  • Trademark Prosecution

  • Trademark Intent-to-Use Applications

  • Trademark Office Action Responses

  • Trademark Statement of Use Filing

  • Trademark Renewal Filing

  • Trademark Incontestability Filings

  • Trademark Licensing Agreements

  • Trademark Assignment Agreements

  • Trademark Change of Ownership

  • Trademark Litigation

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Trademark Enforcement

  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings

  • Trademark Portfolio Management

  • Trademarks and Unfair Competition

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SAM IP Copyright Attorneys

Our experienced copyright attorneys at Sam IP Legal Solutions serve clients in all aspects of copyright law. We have assisted our clients in filing for copyright registration, prosecuting copyright appleations before the copyright office to overcome registration rejections, copyright licensing, assignments, and royalty agreements, and have also represented clients in copyright infringement actions. Our attorneys work with our clients such that their copyright matter may be resolved within a reasonable budget and in many cases we will be able to establish a flat fee. Contact our attorneys for a free consultation or follow the link below for more information on our copyright services. 

   Our Copyright Services   

  • Copyright Registration 

  • Copyright Prosecution

  • Copyright Rejections

  • Copyright Licensing Agreements

  • Copyright Assignments

  • Copyright Royalty Agreements

  • Copyright Litigation

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Copyright Enforcement

  • Copyright Infringement Defense

SAM IP Contact Us

To contact our patent and trademark attorneys, please fill out the form below and indicate whether you are inquiring about help with patents, trademarks, copyrights, or some other matter. Please do not include any confidential information as sending the form below will not establish an attorney-client relationship. One of our attorneys will get back to you by phone or email within a few hours or on the next business day. Alternatively, feel free to call (801) 753-9055

Note that the information you provide in the above form is not protected by the attorney-client privilege and does not establish an attorney client relationship. An attorney-client relationship will only form when an engagement letter has been signed. Thus, please only include general information about the services for which you are inquiring. 

SAM IP More Information

For more information about Sam IP Legal Solutions, our intellectual property services, our patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, or our specialists, please follow the link below.

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