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Legal services at the intersection of technology and business. 

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Patent Attorneys and Corporate Attorneys serving Springville, Utah

Sam IP Legal Solutions provides patent, trademark, copyright and business services for clients in Springville, Utah as well as clients throughout Utah and the western states. 

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About Us:

Sam IP Legal Solutions serves local clients of Springville, Utah as well as clients throughout Utah and the western states. Sam IP is a unique legal team with attorneys having both STEM and business backgrounds combined to effectively serve clients in all of their intellectual property and business related matters. We have clients ranging from large corporations to individuals and have represented small businesses, startup ventures, nonprofits, and religious organizations. Our intellectual property work extends to all areas of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law. We also help clients with all business matters ranging from mergers and acquisitions to entity formation. 

Patent Attorney Practice:

Our patent practice includes drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, providing patent searches and patentability opinions, drafting patent licensing and assignment agreements, providing non-infringement and invalidity opinions, patent infringement matters, cease and desist letters, and finding solutions for other patent law issues. We provide patent services for a wide range of technology including computer hardware and software, biotechnology, mechanical, chemical, medical devices, and others. 

Patent for a vehicle engine

Some of our patent work.

Trademark, Herbothecary

Some of our trademark work.

Trademark Attorney Practice:

Our trademark practice includes filing trademark applications for standard word marks, logos, slogans, stylized marks, sounds marks, as well as trademarking smells. We also respond to trademark office actions, file renewals, file for incontestability status, and all other areas of trademark prosecution. Our trademark services also extend to trademark litigation, cease and desist letters, and trademark licensing and assignment agreements. For more information on our flat fee trademark registration service and other trademark services, follow the link below.

Business Attorney Practice:

Our services also extend to all areas of corporate and business law. Our attorneys have extensive business and accounting backgrounds, including backgrounds working for the Big Four accounting firms including EY and PwC. We have worked with numerous corporations, small businesses, startup ventures, individuals, nonprofits, and religious organizations. We have helped our clients with mergers and acquisitions, complex business negotiations, shareholder relations, business succession, business entity formation, along with many other business matters. For more on our business services, follow the link below.  



More Information:

To contact us, or for more information about us, our patent attorneys, corporate attorneys, and specialists, follow the link below.

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