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Trade Secrets

A trade secret is information that is kept secret, such as a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or process, that is used in business to obtain an economic advantage over competitors. When a trade secret is misappropriated, meaning it was disclosed without authorization, the holder of the trade secret may seek a number of actions against the misappropriating party.  

Trade Secret - Locked Safe as a representation of trade secrets

Trade secrets can be thought of as being opposite to a patent. Rather than disclosing information to the public in exchange for exclusive patent protection, a trade secret must be kept secret and closely guarded. While trade secrets never expire as long as they are kept secret, trade secret protection does not protect against independent discovery. When the subject matter of an invention or process may be protected by either patent or trade secret, the advantages of patents and trade secrets must be carefully weighed in order to make the best decision of protection in order to meet your business goals.


Our expertise allows us to help you ensure that your trade secrets are secure and help you to take the necessary steps such that you have the full protection of the law. We work to seek injunctions against parties that may misappropriate your trade secrets and also to enforce your trade secret rights against parties that have misappropriated your trade secrets.  

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