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Patentability Opinions

Before investing in the process of obtaining patent protection, you may want to have a patent search conducted and have a patentability opinion done so that you have a better idea of the likelihood of obtaining a patent for your invention. When you file a patent application, the application will be assigned to a patent examiner who will go through your patent application and conduct a patent search to find "prior art" that the examiner may use to show that your patent application does not meet the requirements of patentability. Generally, the patent examiner will try to show that your invention is not novel and is obvious based on the prior art.


Having a patent search done before you file a patent application will give you a good idea of what a patent examiner will see and use when examining your patent application. A patent search will reveal issued patents, published patent applications, and other publications which are similar or related to your invention in some manner.


After a patent search is completed, it is beneficial to have a patentability opinion done. A patentability opinion will review the relevant prior art and give you a good idea of any rejections you may face and how your patent application can be written to avoid those rejections. From a patentability opinion, you will have a much clearer vision of whether it would be a good investment to pursue a patent for your invention or whether you should seek some other means of legal protection.  

Our patent attorneys are ready and happy to assist you in conducting a patent search and providing you a patentability opinion. Our patent searches can be customized to be as comprehensive as you would like. Our patent searches range from only searching a single area of prior art to searching all possible areas of prior art. After our search, we are happy to provide you a written patentability opinion as well as to sit down with you and discuss the various options of patent protection available to you. 

At Sam IP Legal Solutions, we have the legal and technical expertise to provide you with the greatest degree of protection for your invention at an affordable cost. For questions about patent searches or patents in general, contact us today to get started in securing patent rights for your inventions.

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