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Patent Portfolio Management

A well managed patent portfolio is a very significant asset to inventors, start-ups, mid-sized corporations, and large corporations alike. A patent portfolio is a collection of patents owned by one individual or business entity. The patents in a patent portfolio may all cover the same technology area or a number of technology areas depending on the holder's strategies and goals. 

Our patent attorneys are ready and happy to assist you in building and managing your patent portfolio. We have many strategies to help you quickly build up a patent portfolio around your most valuable technologies. We also help in reviewing patent portfolios to determine points of weakness and develop strategies to strengthen your patent portfolio. Having a strong patent portfolio will offer you many advantages. Not only will you be able to better exclude others from practicing your patented technologies, but you will also have more freedom to operate the course of your business. 

Besides providing intellectual property protection, the right to exclude, and the freedom to operate, patent portfolios also significantly increase the value of your company or venture. Often one of the first things investors look at when considering whether to invest in a startup or corporation is at the startup's or corporation's patent portfolio. The strong a patent portfolio, the more likely investors will be more interested in investing in your company. 

At Sam IP Legal Solutions, we have the legal and technical expertise to provide you with the greatest degree of protection for your invention at an affordable cost. For questions about patent portfolio management or on how we can help you to quickly build and strengthen your patent portfolio, contact us today. For any questions on patents in general, contact us today to get started in securing patent rights for your inventions.

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Our patent attorneys are ready to listen to you and to tailor a unique plan that fits your needs and grants you the greatest degree of protection at an affordable price. We offer a flat-fee quotes and hourly rates depending on our clients' unique situations, needs, and goals. If you are ready to begin your patent protection or have questions about the patent process, call us today or fill out our message form.   


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